These visions of twelve Ideal Cites, the supreme attainment of twenty thousand years of humanity’s blood, sweat and tears; the definitive haven of Man in the possession of Truth, finally free from contradictions, doubts, equivocations, indecision; definitely, totally, immobilely full of his own PERFECTION.


2,000-TON CITY

Even and perfect, the city lies amid green lawns, sunny hills and wooded mountains; slim tall sheets of continuous buildings intersect in a  rigorous square mesh, one league apart; the buildings, or rather the single uninterrupted building, consists of cubic cells 5 cubits each way. These cells are placed one on top of another in a single vertical stack, reaching a height of a thirds of a league above sea-level, so that the relative height of building varies in relation to the level of the ground on which it rises. Each cell has two external wall. Cell walls are of opaque material, porous to air, rigid, but light. The wall facing north )or if this is an external wall, the wall facing west) is capable of emitting 3D images sounds and smells. Against the opposite wall is a seat capable of moulding perfectly to the human body, even of enclosing ti completely. Incorporated in this seat is an apparatus for satisfying all physiological needs. When not in use, this membrane and all apparatus withdraw and the wall reforms. The floor is a simulator and can evoke all sensations of living things. The ceiling is a brain-impulse reliever  In each cell is an individual whose brain impulses are continually transmitted to an electronic analyser set at the top of the building beneath a continuous semi-cylindrical vault. The analyser selects, compares and interprets the desires of each individual, programming the life of the entire city moment by moment. All citizens are in a state of perfect equality. Death no longer exists. Sometimes someone indulges in absurd thoughts of rebellion against the perfect and eternal life granted to him; at first, the analyser ignores the crime but if it is repeated, the man who has shown himself to be unworthy is rejected. The ceiling descends with a force of two thousand tons until it reaches the floor. At this point in this marvelous economy  another life is begun. The panel returns to its original height, and all the individuals living in cells within a distance of a quarter of a league from the empty cell donate an ovum or a group of spermatozoa, which are transported in channels created for this purpose in a mad race to the now-empty seat. Here, an ovum is fertilized, and the seat is transformed into a uterus, protecting the new son of the city for nine months, until his happy dawn.”